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Brittany + Charlotte

I cannot believe this little girl is nearly one! My one and only dear niece will be celebrating her first birthday this coming April and I was beyond excited when Brit asked me to capture some photos of just the two of them before she headed back to work.

Funny enough, J and I had a few photos taken of just the two of us by the amazing Mikaela Ruth when J was pretty much the exact same age as Charlotte, at the exact same location. The photos we had taken were so special since it is such a special time of life when your first child is reaching the end of their first year which is full of a whole bunch of firsts. For Brit and Charlotte, it was even more special since Brittany was going back to work the very next day. Although Brit’s job is absolutely amazing (maternity nurse) and she was more than excited to be heading back, she wanted to capture the end of this dear time of her maternity leave.

I couldn’t help but think of my due date just a few months back. As I shared in N’s birth story, J and I took a power walk with Brit and Charlotte that very morning. As we walked along, Brit asked if I wanted a 40-week photo (since I was still unsure as to whether or not I would go into labour). I actually hummed and hawed thinking I was sure I would get around to taking one in the next couple days. But I caved and let her take a photo of J and I (we also goofed around with my phone camera for a few photos later that afternoon as well).

Just a handful of hours later I went into labour and was admitted to the hospital. That photo was one of the last photos of just the two of us before N arrived and I never thought I would cherish it like I do. I never imagined it would mean so much to me, the last moments and hours of that special time, just the two of us. I am so glad I was able to capture a similar memory for Brit and Char.

As always I was honoured she asked me (and no she is not mandated to do so because I am her sister-in-law:p), I am truly always touched when asked. As always these two looked absolutely stunning and we caught one of the first sunny days of what might just be the start of a beautiful summer. Plus the blossoms were blooming like mad making this session more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.

Happy 1st birthday sweet baby girl, how dearly loved you are.