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Daniel + Mady

I can not express how excited I was to hear these two were engaged. 

Beautiful light, beautiful people and a beautiful location.

Mady and I go pretty far back, mmm I would have to say about 6 years. Back then she was in her early teens and to be honest that seemed to be how I remembered her. I had crossed paths with her a couple times at her work and just out and about but when I finally met up with her and Daniel for this session it was amazing to see the beautiful woman and soon-to-be wife she had grown into.

We had such a great time chatting about wedding plans, details like when she asked her dad to marry them (her parents are pastors here in Abbotsford), the sweet little chapel she picked out and their excitement about choosing a winter wedding. Oh and their gorgeous engagement ring story, nothing like a stressful day picking out a ring, but ultimately the best choice ever!

I love photographing all of my clients, but I have had a handful who were friends or acquaintances from my past who have contacted me regarding sessions or wedding and they are by far my favourite since it is so nice to catch up and connect with them again. Like a mini reunion.

These two were such great sports on this shoot, first the faced the ridiculously bright sun for me as I shot a few photos on the dock, then I convinced them to take a ride in a boat (which to be honest Daniel did most of the work, and I am pretty sure there were bee’s out on the water) and then we worked around a bride and groom who were also taking photos on the dock once the sun finally settled down. I felt for the first time I was asking my clients for favours for the sake of gorgeous photos, but they were such great sports about it, and ultimately I am certain it was all worth it!

Most of the time my attitude is more “convince”. I want to my make my sessions easy and laid back for the my clients, when instead I would love for them to climb a mountain, jump into a boat, or venture through rocky beach sides to get the most amazing photos. So I am learning, learning to ask and thankfully Daniel and Mady were incredible first clients to do this with! 

So all that to say I am so excited about Mady and Daniel’s wedding! Although they did look into my wedding packages I sadly had to decline early on for a reason that you will all find out very soon! 

Big congrats Daniel and Mady, so excited for you two and what God has in store for you! Your going to do incredibly things!