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Dave + Michelle

Michelle and Dave met two years ago at Dave’s brother’s wedding. He was the best man and Michelle was a bridesmaid.

I absolutely love Michelle and Dave’s proposal story, so I have to share it.

The evening they got engaged, Dave cooked Michelle a lovely meal after a long work week. For dessert, a Kinder Surprise!

Yes, you called it, Dave actually opened the Kinder Surprise ahead of time, placed the ring inside it and tactfully resealed the packaging. He said it took him more than 3 times to get it looking really good. Sure enough, after dinner, they sat down on the couch to watch a movie. Dave asked her what she would like to watch: Mortal Kombat it was (they actually entered their reception to this song). During the movie, Dave gave her the Kinder Surprise.

Now if you know Michelle at all, you would know she is an elementary school teacher and it her job is incredibly fitting to her personality, as is a Kinder Surprise. She is just a sweet girl and a kid at heart (you can see it in her smile that lights up so many of these photos). So to me, it wasn’t surprising what happened next.

Dave gave her the Kinder Surprise and Michelle quickly opened it dropping the ring into her lap and not noticing the diamond that was attached to it. She looked down and chose “toy” instead!

As she was trying to figure out how the toy went together, Dave stared at her waiting for her to take a second look at the diamond ring on her very lap. Nothing.

After a few minutes, he finally just asked the big question and at that moment she picked up the ring off her lap and of course said yes.

It was such a sweet story and to me, it was so fitting to each of their personalities.

This wedding day was so much fun. I am so excited for these two and all the things the future holds for them. And do I dare say this couple knows how to tear up a dance floor, they’ve got moves!

Thank you, Michelle and Dave, for having me be part of your special day!

I would also like to do a huge shout out to her caterers and her wedding planners. Both were exceptional and I would highly recommend them to all my future brides!








Photography: Julie Christine Photography 

Ceremony Venue: Meadow Gardens Golf Course

Reception Venue: Port Coquitlam Fishing and Hunting Club

Dress: Champagne and Lace

Hair Salon: Alisha Delver

Makeup Salon: Lenka

Flowers: Vivio Flowers

Caterer: Catering Visions

Wedding Planner: Memory Laine 

Shoes: Champagne and Lace

Bridesmaids Dresses: Champagne and Lace 

Tuxes/Suites: Black and Lee and Indochino

Cake: Lindsy