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Eddie + Jordan

Ah I love Douglas Taylor Park so much. Eddie, Jordan and I hit up a few of my favorite spots just as the sun was setting last Sunday night at this gorgeous park.

This session was one of those sessions every picture was so breathtaking I was pretty much just shooting to fill time. I had so many amazing photos it was so hard to pick out my favorites, but here they are.

Maternity + newborn sessions are always so much fun because I too have been pregnant and have had a newborn. There are so many questions to ask, you wonder what each other craves, what gender the baby is or if either of you are keeping it a surprise. You ask about names, what your random guess of the gender is and of coarse just how well this pregnancy has been going. Jordan and I could totally relate on the heartburn I am pretty sure every mama gets, and how we were both not super sick with at least my first. It is always fun. I seriously feel like when you become a mom a whole new world opens before your eyes and you suddenly have 101 questions to ask every new mom or pregnant woman. Things you never think about until your in the situation. Like parenting blogs? Not interesting for most of us until your parent and suddenly your “liking” every single self-help parenting blog your friends post on Facebook.

I am so excited to meet their little baby come October and shoot their in-home newborn session. Thanks again Eddie + Jordan for a great session and listening me talk your ear off! So excited for you three.