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Jamie + Kelly

Kelly and I met back in high school, and actually were pretty go friends in my grade 11 year. I am pretty sure I came down with a kidney infection while sleeping over at her house one time, and we picked her up in Penticton while traveling out to the Okanagan for a family vacation only to make it the best family vacation ever because I got to bring a friend along in the end. We had some good times together.

As often happens, after high school we went our separate ways, but thanks to social media managed to stay a bit in contact. About a year ago she and Jamie got married and months later they announced they were expecting their first baby! I was so excited when I received an email from her asking me if I would photograph their maternity.

Our plan was to book back in October, but sure enough the weather was not holding up. So just last weekend we headed out to Cultus Lake to take these stunning photos of these two and their sweet babe who is due just a few weeks before ours. I am so excited for their announcement and again am so thankful they asked to capture this special time in their lives. I really do see some playdates in the near future!