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Krisztina + Braiden

Another January baby. I am so looking forward to January, I have three newborn sessions booked and Krisztina + Braiden’s little man is just one of them.

Krisztina came across my work thanks to my dear sister-in-law who I photographed both her maternity and newborn session as well. We exchanged emails and info and booked her in for a maternity session as well as chatted about the newborn session after her baby boy arrives.

A few weeks later while my husband snuck away to Kelowna for a quick trip to visit his grandpa who was not doing so well (health-wise) our son came down with a horrible case of croup literally overnight. Finally at 6 am I packed us up and headed to Emergency at our local hospital to figure out what he was dealing with. We clearly got there at an ideal time, because the waiting room was empty and a nurse was calling us withing 20 minutes. As we walked over to our room, the nurse said, “You look familiar from your Instagram account, I believe you’re taking our maternity and newborn photos.” I right away put two and two together knowing full well that Krisztina worked with my sister-in-law, “so your Krisztina?!” I asked. Clearly it was and it was nice to have a bit of instant comfort knowing someone at the hospital as I held my exhausted sick toddler in my arms.

Sure enough, we got a quick diagnosis for my son and some medication and hung around the hospital for a bit to ensure the medication was working. All the while sweet Krisztina brought us some snack, toys and continued to check in on us. It all went by fast and we were out of here in an hour, but I was so grateful for all of her help and kindness.

Meeting up with her a few weeks later for our session was great. I always really enjoy knowing my clients ahead of time, or have shot a session for them in the past and get to do again! I am so excited for their little guy’s arrival come January.