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Stephen + Erin

This day was something else.

Stephen, Erin and I had planned their engagement session about a month back. We all knew with a December booking there was a good chance of rain, but we booked it in anyways. Sure enough, as the end of the week approached, the weather network was pretty firm on the idea it was going to downpour on our booked date. We chatted a few days before, and again the day before the shoot.

The day before the shoot was a Friday, and it was gorgeous outside! Erin decided to ask over email “any way we could do our session today?” I had already booked a session out in Burnaby that mid-day which made the idea of another session at Lighthouse Park both easier and harder. I rarely booked more than one session in a day, unless one is first thing in the morning and the other is in the evening. I am not sure how other photographers do it since I feel the chance of going over time with a session can happen pretty easily and what if anything happened such as traffic between one location to the next. I also hate feeling rushed. So most of the time I stick to a schedule of one session in the morning and a second at sunset, and that’s it.

I knew I would be pushing it, with the sun going down at 4 pm nowadays and my other session, being Violet’s newborn session, could come with some unpredictability. I could not imagine having to rush through photos to then ultimately say I have to leave quickly for another session or even be late for the other shoot. But I wanted to make it work, really badly. Not only for them but for me. I could have a rainy session at Lighthouse Park or a beautiful sunny session at Lighthouse Park. So I booked them in!

Sure enough, I made it with no issues at all. I nearly missed eating lunch on the way but thankfully thanks to a small little station with a bakery in the back, baby and I mowed down a tuna sandwich. I was happy.

We met up at 2:30 and headed down to the water! I had just done this hike a few weeks back for our stylized shoot with Jenn and Brandon and I knew I was going to need the food fuel to get me through it, both there and back. We ventured out to the rocks (the water was lower down than it was at my other shoot) and shot some pretty incredible pictures right by the water. Pretty much my dream place to shoot. The whole afternoon was lovely. The sun set and we caught a few last images with the sunset and I was a happy camper.

I can not wait for Erin and Stephen’s wedding come June of next year!