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Johnny + Tasha

Referrals  are the best. I got an email from Tasha a couple of months back when she came across my work thanks to Nathan + Sarah whose wedding I shot back in January. Tasha and Sarah work together and lucky for me I had just shot Mady + Daniel’s engagement shoot at Whonnock Lake that week, the very place Tasha and Johnny are holding their lovely wedding next May. Sarah shared their blog post with her and from there Johnny, Tasha and I met up at Starbucks to get to know each other a bit.

I really do love meeting my wedding clients before they book me. It is such a great time to really get to know each other, get a feel of each other’s personalities and get a good ideas as to what they hope their wedding day will look like. For instance during our meeting, Johnny had pointed out he had some pretty nice vintage cars that he was really hoping to get some photos with at the wedding and their engagement shoot. At the meeting he asked me “so how are you at photographing cars?” for a quick moment I thought to myself, how am I at photographing cars?! Ha ha. As a photographer I think you become quite certain of the things you can and can not do early on or at least what you feel confident doing and not doing. I was seriously thinking in my head, if it was 12 children running around I may struggle a bit but a non moving vehicle… I think I can do this. It was still so intimidating to say it out load, “Ya I feel confident taking photos of cars.Not that it would have changed anything on the day, but it was for sure helpful to get a few ideas from Tasha as to what they were hoping for and again felt pretty confident delivering the images below.

I am getting so excited for 2016. Although it is filling up with weddings already, it is incredible exciting.

Thanks again Tasha and Johnny, can not wait for you incredible Whonnock Lake Wedding next Spring!